1. Ideal

This payment method is safe, fast and possible for anyone with a Dutch

bank account. However, it is required that you do online banking. The steps

that you need to go through in the Ideal application carefully and easily



2. Credit card

Paying with your credit card is safe (via an SSL secure server) and your products

are immediately insured against loss, theft and damage. You also have one

delivery guarantee, so if the item is not delivered, the payment will be

be reversed.


3. Bancash / Mister Cash

This safe and fast payment method is only for people with a Belgian

bank account. The use of this method is self-explanatory with the help of the

instructions in the Bancontant / Mister cash application.


4. Sofort banking

When you do internet banking, you can pay easily, safely and quickly with this one

method. The use is clearly explained in the Sofort banking application.


5. Pay in cash

When you pick up your products at Boomstraat 149 in Tilburg, you can

you can pay in cash here.


6. PayPal

For this payment method you need a PayPal account. In this way you can

pay quickly and securely with just your e-mail address and password.


7. Bank transfer in the Netherlands and Belgium

This is not the fastest way to pay, but it is safe and reliable. You will love your

therefore do not have the product at home the next day, because payment is possible in itself

keep waiting.

ING Smart Ink Account Our bank details: 

Account no .: NL45 INGB 0006 0220 37



8. Pay later with After Pay

AfterPay - Digital Invoice (Netherlands) AfterPay carries out  the entire payment process afterwards for www.smartink.com .

This means that you will receive a digital invoice from AfterPay via email to pay for the purchased product (s).

You can pay at www.smartink.nl with a digital invoice up to an amount of € 100,- when you pay for the first time via AfterPay.

If you have already made payments via AfterPay before, you can pay up to an amount of € 200.

AfterPay carries out a data check to approve your request to pay with digital invoice.

AfterPay applies a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement .

In the unlikely event that your request for payment by giro collection form is not authorized, you can of course choose the product to be purchased.

pay with another payment method.

You can always contact AfterPay if you have any questions. For more information, please refer to the consumer section of the AfterPay website.