As soon as you place an order with Smart Ink, your data will be sent to us via a secure connection.

This is to prevent fraud and theft and to ensure that your data is not stolen.

If the lock is visible you are safe. (see picture)


Smart Ink respects your privacy at all times, we will treat all information you share with us confidentially.

Your data will only be used to deliver your order, to be able to contact you if necessary, or to provide you with tracking / order information.

With us you can always delete or change your account and therefore your data.


We need the following information to process your order:


  • General information : Name, address, place of residence, we use this information to send an order.


  • Your email address : Will only be used by us to confirm your order, to send you your tracking code and to contact you if anything is unclear. Smart ink does not use your email address for newsletters or advertising.


  • Your phone number:  Your phone number is only used to assist you when necessary. (Or eg if an email is incorrectly typed or the address is incomplete.) We never use your telephone number for marketing purposes.


  • Traffic data: Smart ink  does not use cookies, so you will not be chased by us with advertising.


What do we use your data for?

  • Processing and sending your order.
  • To help you if you submit a request for help.
  • For example, send you a discount code. (No commercials)


Your data is safe with Smart ink.

We will never provide or sell your data to third parties and are only known to us and the payment provider. (mollie)

And both parties will handle this data with care.

If you have more questions about privacy, please contact us.