SMART INK® products can be divided into three categories:




Why is SMART INK® so much better?

  • A suitable ink type for every printer (brand and type of printer)

  • The ink is very similar to the original

  • The exact thickness per brand

  • Bottle with needle cap prevents spilling

  • The ink dries much less quickly on the head

  • Much less cleaning, so lower costs.

Give it a try! You run no risk with our money back guarantee.

In this videoyou can see the quick and mess-free refill instructions ..


With our bottle you can also refill original cartridges and private label cartridges, but you will need a resetter and you must seal the cartridge hermetically after filling!

A refillable cartridge has a resettable chip for this, so you do not need a resetter, this type of cartridge also has a filler cap. So it is much cheaper and easier to buy a refillable cartridge. You will enjoy this for years.



SMART INK® sells five types of inks:


  • Smart Ink Chrome dye ink

  • Smart Ink  Ultra  Chrome dye ink

  • Lyson Photonic XG ink

  • Smart Ink Ultra Chrome  Pigment ink

  • Smart Ink Ultra Chrome  Sublimation ink

Read more about the inks



The refillable cartridge from SMART INK® has an ARC chip (automatic reset chip), unlike an original brand cartridge.

This allows you to use the same cartridge for years.

In addition, you do not need a special resetter to reset the chip of the brand cartridge.

You save on the costs of:

  • Buying new cartridges over and over again

  • The expensive inks of brands

  • A resetter.

So you can now print extremely cheaply. Even cheaper than with a toner / laser printer.


Advantages of SMART INK®  Residual cartridges: 

  • Extremely cheap printing (save hundreds of euros)

  • Refill with high quality ink from SMART INK®

  • Cartridge content is twice as much as with a regular cartridge

  • Refills in 40 seconds with our handy bottle

  • Environmentally friendly

Give it a try! You run no risk with our money back guarantee.

The cartridge is specially made for easy and fast refilling . How simple this is shown in this video.


Advantages of SMART INK®:

  • The highest quality

  • Biggest savings in costs

  • Reliable supplier

  • Excellent service and guarantee


Refillable ink system

The SMART INK® Ink station has the great advantage that you no longer have to buy separate cartridges, which saves you even more costs. You can even print cheaper than with a toner (in a laser printer).

The Ink Station contains the same amount of ink as 40 to 60 cartridges. Refilling once every two to three years is sufficient for most of our customers.

The system can be refilled time after time with the high quality ink from SMART INK®, and in a handy bottle.

This innovative product consists of three parts: a set of cartridges, a beautifully designed ink tank with reservoirs for the necessary colors of ink and a set of silicone tubes that connect the cartridges and the ink tank. The cartridges are constantly supplied with fresh ink. Because the system is equipped with a resettable chip, you do not need a resetter. Depending on the printer brand, the installation will take between 15 to 30 minutes.

Advantages of the SMART INK® Refillable  systems:

  • Extremely cheap printing (save hundreds of euros)

  • Never buy cartridges again

  • Refill once every 2 to 3 years

  • No mess thanks to the practical SMART INK® refill bottle

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Incredibly high quality ink


Give it a try!

SMART INK® is the only refillable cartridge specialist in the Netherlands. The operation of the ink system and the quality of the ink will amaze you.