Suitable Epson Sublimation Ink Set 4x100 ml by Smart Ink

Only suitable for heat press, not suitable for normal printing!
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FEPS 400 ml.

Why Smart Ink?


Super Fast delivery in EU
Very good service
Very good product knowledge
High quality ink and cartridges
Much cheaper than orignal

Only suitable for heat press, not suitable for normal printing!


This unique refill bottle from Smart Ink is made to refill refillable cartridges, ciss and e.g. ecotank printers. You do not need a syringe and/or needle for this; you can start filling immediately.

Refillable cartridges and ciss systems contain a resettable chip; so you can use the same cartridges for years

You can also use this bottle to refill original or private label cartridges. You will then need a resetter, sealing plugs and more knowledge. (We do not provide a manual for this)

We recommend that you try the refillable cartridges and save hundreds of euros on your printing costs. (Watch the video)



    • Colour:
    Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
    • Contents:
    4 x 1000ml.
    • Type of ink:
    Sublimation ink
    • Brand:
    Smart Ink
    • Compatibility:
    Epson Universal
    • Similar to:
    Epson Durabrite



  • Print converted for:
€ 0.40 per cartridge
  • Content equal to:
12 to 15 original cartridges
  • Suitable for:

Refilling original cartridges, refill cartridges and ciss systems




  • Much cheaper than original
  • Very nice colours
  • A-quality since 2011
  • No syringes and needles needed
  • Much easier to fill than other providers
  • Longer life of your printer


Smart ink the alternative to original ink.


Smart Ink  Sublimation ink (for printing on nylon and polyester, t-shirts, iron, plastic, glaze) does not discolour! Only suitable for Epson


Smart Ink Sublimation ink  is a sublimation ink based on oil and pigments. This ink produces amazingly beautiful natural colors for a stunning result. This ink is specially made for printing on transfer paper. With this ink you get the same results as extremely expensive brand variants. Please note: this ink has a one-year shelf life. The ink is suitable for both amateurs and professionals.